This appointment system is for regular renewal of  passports. For other types of passport application (such as for infants), please see the Policy Section below. Please note the following: (1) your new passport is expected to be available for picking up after four (4) weeks, and (2) the Embassy’s Consular Section encodes your information details for your new passport and releases your new passport. Your new passport will be produced in the Philippines and shipped to this Consular Section for your collection. The Consular Section has no control over the production and delivery of your new passport. While waiting for your new passport, you will continue to hold your current passport.

If your current passport is expiring and you will need to use it for an urgent matter (overseas travel, work pass renewal, visa application) before your new passport arrives, you may request the Consular Section to extend the validity of your current passport so that you could proceed with that need. 

If you are unable to wait the expected 4 weeks for your new passport, you could consider renewing your passport in the Philippines. The Consular Section of the Embassy advises applicants to renew their passports around 9 months before expiration of validity, or when the remaining pages are already few.

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