Baybayin, the pre-Hispanic Filipino writing greets LRT-1 passengers

Manila, Philippines – The Light Rail Transit-1 (LRT-1) passengers were welcomed today with new signages written in Baybayin, the pre-Hispanic form of local writing.

The Baybayin signages were accompanied by images of 16th century Filipinos and Pintados-inspired art design displayed in selected windows and train walls.

Three LRT-1 coaches of the Light Rail Corporation were designed with Baybayin, riddles, literary pieces, and pictures of Filipino ancestors in line with the month-long celebration of “Gabay Guro” to mark the Philippines’ National Teachers Month.

The National Quincentennial Committee posted a photo on their social media showing the pictures of early Filipinos displayed on the trains’ entrance. The photos were of the 16th-century Boxer Codex which contains documents of Filipinos during the pre-colonial period.


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